Summer Reading Club

The Summer Reading Club
Party at the Palace!

All children are welcome to join this free program.  Children in the club stretch their minds and keep up their reading skills over the summer while having lots of free, genuine fun:  reading, doing crafts, hearing stories and songs, enjoying visiting performers, and learning all the time.

This year's  theme is "Party at the Palace."  

Children can read about anything they are interested in, of course!


 The Reading Game

Bring children to your library branch whenever it is convenient for you.  They can pick out books to read until the next visit and have fun playing the Summer Reading Club game at the librarian's desk.

In this year's game, young participants will be helping Owliver Owl and the other animals get ready for the Reading Revels, a party at the Palace! However, they must outsmart Reginald the Weasel. On signing up, each child will receive a paper game board, used to log reading progress and move along through the adventure.

Progress toward each goal is earned by reading library books.  It takes 22 books to complete the game!  Children who are not yet reading for themselves can play the game by listening to stories read to them by a sibling or parent. 

Read your library books at home or in the library. Then come to the Children's desk and spin the spinner to see where your reading adventure will take you next! 

Plenty of books related to our theme will be available, and children may read any books they please -- as long as they are library books, any book can count for the Summer Reading Club game. 

For those who complete a game board, there is a special Reader's Certificate that includes a prize -- a personal pizza from Round Table.

Summer Reading Club Crafts, Stories, and Special Programs:

All children are invited to participate in Summer Reading Club story and craft programs at the Main Library or any library branch as their family's schedule permits. 

See the Children's Events Calendar for programs at the Main Library, and visit branch web pages or look at the entire library calendar to see programs at branch libraries.